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Warning: Not spoiler free. I need to emot!
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It’s a metaphor. You’re a metaphor. I’m a metaphor. Your keybord is a metaphor. Everything is a metaphor. The universe is turning into one giant metaphor on a molecular scale. Run. It’s too late.

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Dean: Take one more step and—Nogitsune: And what? You’ll shoot me? You’re not gonna shoot me, Winchester, because you’d be killing this kid too.[Dean clenched his jaw, grip tightening on the gun in his hand]Dean: Kid’s long gone. I know that.Nogitsune: On the contrary. He’s still in here screaming, begging for me to stop hurting his friends. Shoot me—I’ll just possess another—but him? That scared little kid? He’ll be dead, and that will be on you. One more person you were too weak to save.

Dean: Take one more step and—
Nogitsune: And what? You’ll shoot me? You’re not gonna shoot me, Winchester, because you’d be killing this kid too.
[Dean clenched his jaw, grip tightening on the gun in his hand]
Dean: Kid’s long gone. I know that.
Nogitsune: On the contrary. He’s still in here screaming, begging for me to stop hurting his friends. Shoot meI’ll just possess anotherbut him? That scared little kid? He’ll be dead, and that will be on you. One more person you were too weak to save.

2 Tags For the Price of One!

I was so incredibly flattered to be tagged not once, but TWICE by two very cool people. So I’m gonna do them both in one post! Because why not.

Rule 1: always post the rules
Rule 2: always answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write your questions
Rule 3: tag 11 people
Rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them

I’ve been tagged! By the lovely thegreatestplottwist

The Ten Questions I Was Asked:

  1. If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
    Probably Dylan O’Brien. NOT as in a romantic dinner, I just think he’d be a fun person to have a conversation with. As for someone more realistic? Basically anyone of my fabulous friends that I haven’t gotten to meet in person yet.
  2. Name the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘plaid.’
    The Winchesters.
  3. What is your favorite book?
    I’ve loved most of the books I’ve picked up so it’s hard to pick one. Though I’m currently on the second book of The Maze Runner series and completely enthralled by the story!
  4. What are you listening to at the moment?
    Happy - 2NE1
    (which is funny because up until about five minutes ago I had just been playing Medicine by Daughter on repeat for like 40 minutes straight)
  5. What’s on your bucket list?
    I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been letting fear rule my life so there’s quite a lot. Make a short film with like minded friends. Visit New Zealand. Snowboard. Throw one massive dance party for everyone I know. Go to VidCon. Etc.
  6. If you could live in any TV show, what would it be and why?
    Teen Wolf, because Stiles.
  7. What’s your dream job?
    Something to do with creating films/shows.
  8. What would be the title of your biography?
    That Dumb B*tch. haha Or maybe The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Using Hashtags.
  9. Favorite birthday memory?
    Don’t really have one. All my birthdays have been pretty low key.
  10. What’s your address?
    All I will say is East Coast, USA.

I was also tagged by the fiercely talented Shelby Merry

Ten Questions Shelby Asked:

  1. If you could have a dream job for a day, what would you do?
    Definitely something involving film/tv
  2. What movie are you most excited to see this year?
    It’s an incredible year for movies, and a lot of my fandoms are being represented! So there’s so much. Since I’ve seen Winter Soldier, I can cross that off but I’m equally excited to see Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men Days of Future Past, TFIOS, The Maze Runner, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Hobbit Part 3!
  3. Favorite season and why? (TV show seasons count, this isn’t just weather related!)
    I’m going to save myself the pain and just go for normal weather seasons. My favorite would have to be spring. Weather warms up to an acceptable temp and summer is just on the horizon!
  4. Fictional character you most look up to and why?Again, so many fandoms, and I have so many answers to this question. Since I’m reading Scorch Trials currently, I’ll just answer Thomas for now. So far he’s managed to keep a level head throughout these horrid trials, and constantly tries to do the right thing by helping others in need. I’d strive to be the same way in that situation.
  5. Who is your favorite writer and why? (Books, tv, short stories, comedy, all writing counts.)
    I don’t think I can pick a favorite from all the writers I’ve come across. I mean the writing and little details on Sherlock are pretty impressive. BUT I don’t know. It sounds weird, I feel like I’d be lying if I picked a specific writer.
  6. Favorite book/series and why you love it!
    I’m going to assume this just means books. Hmmm. Literary questions are always hard for me to answer. But I think Harry Potter wins the favorite book series question every time due to nostalgia. Is it the most brilliantly written masterpiece? No. But it’s my childhood. And that magic can never really be replaced by even the greatest works of fiction.
  7. You get to have a sit down dinner with any 3 people in the world. Who are they and why?
    Just three? To answer this honestly, I’d have to give it a lot more thought than I’m capable of at 12:30AM. Since I already answered Dylan O’Brien on the previous question set, I’m going to leave him out (though I think that’d be hella interesting.) I can’t get super specific but honestly any combination of the friends I haven’t met in person yet would be super awesome!
  8. What was one of your personal highlights of the last year?
    Last year was rough for me, and I can’t think of anything I accomplished. I guess starting YouTube and getting more active on twitter have brought me a lot of joy. But there was a particular week near the end of Summer 2013 when my brother was sick on the couch and spent the time watching movies with me. We rarely hang out that much anymore so it was probably one of the best few days of last year. Is that sad? xD
  9. Tell me about a goal of yours you someday wish to seek.
    I want to stop telling myself that it’s too late and just find something I want to pursue for a career. Also, eventually move out and get an apartment with a solid group of friends. Mainly, I just want to get my life together. That’d be aces.
  10. If you could blare one song continuously over the speakers for a day at a building of your choice, what song would it be, where and why?
    Gosh there are so many songs I have on repeat right now. I’d say either Medicine by Daughter, Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez, Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men, Red Lights by Tiesto, OR Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club. The building would definitely have to be either isolated or well insulated so I could play the music into the wee hours of the morning.

My Ten Questions for angelsanarchy, thetenthdoctorscompanion, c-bellz, Shelby Merry, thefaultin-thedoctor-at221b, dylanmcdanger1, screamingknight, shirosagi, herebedragonz, and whoever else sees this and wants to answer some questions cuz I’m tired and lazy and don’t judge me! #yolo #fucktharulez

Even if you love the insanity anyway, what fandom drives you the craziest? (either because of fans, character, plot, etc.)

Favorite GIF?

Pirates or ninjas? And why?

If you were to write a book would you rather write fantasy or something more realistic? Why?

Craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Most awkward moment?

Best date you’ve ever been on?

Favorite poet (or writer if poetry isn’t your thing)

If you could spend the day with any person, who would you pick? Why? What would you do?

Favorite memory from a vacation?

OR You guys can answer any of the questions that were asked by thegreatestplottwist and Shelby, because there were some really good ones!


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